The best work from home essentials for your home office

Think about the books, the art work, the colours, the quotes and even the soft furnishings. However small, create a space with objects that have meaning for you, that trigger you into being ‘at work’. Surround yourself with things that inspire and motivate you. And think about moveable storage such as cabinets on wheels if you’re using a space that needs to be versatile. There are so many options for office storage and you will need to think about what you need and what style suits your space. Heated desks, rug heaters, hand warmers, and throws are great ways to stay warm without having to crank up the heating and heat the whole house.

You’ll feel more alert and you’ll be more productive if you continue to treat your job like, well, your job. Don’t stop social events just because no one is in the same building – continue to have happy hour or Friday drinks with the team over Skype or any of the above calling things you need to work from home methods. It will feel odd at first, but it’s important to maintain social connectivity and team morale to combat feelings of isolation. Connectivity is one of the pillars of effective office design, so it’s not surprising that it’s an important part of remote working as well.

Further support and advice

Even a brief 10-minute call at the beginning and/or end of the working day can help employees feel like they have the guidance and direction they need to stay on track while working from home. It has now been over a year since we all started working from home, and it is fair to say that life has become more difficult, and our work/life balance has taken a hit. We want to take this opportunity to share a few more tips and tricks based on our working from home experiences from the last year. If put into practice, these simple tips should help you feel more productive and support your mental health when working at home.

things you need to work from home

Workload management is so important, so usingKanbanboards can be good to track progress through the week and provides a top-level view for managers. Another method is keeping it simple with regular weekly catch-ups via a call, team conference, Trello board or group chat, or a simple Google doc which is shareable. Some people thrive on contact with others, and the busy environment of a working office.

A desk or other suitable table

When it comes to online networking, LinkedIn is always a good place to start. Of course, you will find job opportunities there, but LinkedIn also offers you the chance to connect with people who are in your industry.

Our advice is to create a steady schedule; get up at the same time, eat breakfast, have a warm shower and sadly, get out of your pyjamas. Having this consistent routine will for sure allow you to wake up steadily and get into that working mindset. You won’t have the office cleaner picking up any dishes so this one is key to keep on top of. Keeping your workstation/home office clean not only helps you stay focused, but it will help keep you motivated, organised and more productive. Some will say the phrase ‘organised chaos’ with a messy desk which is fine, but general cups of coffee and stacks of paperwork should be limited.

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