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Please watch the video for your English lesson today and then complete the task below. Well done everyone, you’ve made it to Friday. A great week of home learning gauravagarwal.in from so many of you, well done! Not many children have completed their Sparx homework yet though, so let’s see how many children can complete it by Monday please.

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When you think you have finished, check your answers with the answer sheet. Whipton Barton school is so quiet without all of the children. We believe that you are all truly awesome. So for your English task today we would like you to write a description of yourself, telling us why you are so awesome. Today we are going to remind ourselves about how to classify animals. Read through and complete the activities on the BBC site.

I run a lot of flash fiction writing challenges. You can learn how to submit to those here. Yes, just keep writing more about different themes and word counts and to keep submitting seems to be the answer. Re the online entry, you could try submittable? A lot of competitions and magazines seem to use that, so I guess it must be good. I’ve retired the UK listing and emailed the US site.

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Best of luck with your writing and congratulations on having your work published by Mash Stories. Unfortunately, I also wasted a lot of precious time when I should have been writing, thanks to your ‘Stuff what makes I laugh’ section, so thanks a lot for that. I hope that’s helpful and best of luck with your writing. Lawrence, different competitions have different rules about this.

We are continuing our work on measure this week. We will be carrying this on at school next week too. Katie went to live in Lincolnshire in 2002 when she was just over 2 years old. She was very bemused by living in a town but she got quite used to it as well as living in a house and was very quick to learn. She passed all three levels of the Kennel Club Good Citizen scheme in just 14 months and was the first Trailhound to receive the Gold award!

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Most magazines and comps operate with very low budgets and can’t afford to pay staff to give feedback to every writer who submits. By paying a reading fee, or a competition entry fee, you’re supporting small publishers, non profits and independent press. I certainly wouldn’t regard it as wasting money.

This afternoon, I would like you to take some time to reflect on the lockdown and home learning you have just experienced. You don’t have to send it to me (if you don’t want to) but maybe you could write or draw a picture of…. Dan comes into work with me every day and is often used to demonstrate techniques to the other handlers.

It works a bit like Scribble, with the readers of the competition reading and scoring other entrants’ stories. You also receive comments from readers on your stories. I entered last year and had about 20 different comments back.

Only 5% would really be in the running as possible winners. Then it comes down to the individual taste of the judges. Cleo, you will have to read the submissions criteria on the different websites to check their rules. Most of the competitions listed are open to entries from writers living anywhere in the world, but there are a few that are country and / or area specific. I do list flash fiction competitions, so I’ve added the Mash competition to the lists. I’m 14 and really struggling to find a competition to enter my 400 word short story into!

Then please can you write them out using your best joined handwriting. It’s your last week of home learning then we will all be back together next week. I am looking forward to seeing your work this week. You will be using a ruler to measure different lines today.